‘An Inconvenient Truth’

‘An Inconvenient Truth’:

Released at the end of 2005 the film was shown at all three political party conferences in the UK in
2006 as part of the Climate clinic organised by the UKs leading green groups such as Greenpeace,
Friends of the Earth and CAT and supported by organisations like the Energy Saving Trust, Solar
Century, Cooperative Bank and Ecover.


Al Gore explores the now undisputed scientific evidence linking climate change to the enormous rise
in co2 levels in the atmosphere. Using photographs from 30 years ago and present day; he shows the
visible environmental changes, such as the receding and melting glaciers and ice-shelfs around the
world and urges a shift from denial to action, rather than apathy. He finishes by demonstrating that we
already have the technical know-how and strategies to dramatically reduce our emissions. It just
remains for us to implement them.


Review from Zoe Miles, Stewkley Green:

Although there is an American bias and in my opinion some of the personal detail about Mr Gore was
unnecessary, the film clearly showed the degree of climate change that has already occurred around
the world. It finally lays to rest any controversy or doubt that interested parties from the oil and gas
industries have deliberately perpetrated through the press and corrupt government officials. The film
definitely motivated me to speed up the changes I am making to reduce my carbon footprint. I did not
realise how close we could be to plunging into an ice-age or disappearing under an enormous rise in
sea-levels. A scary thought. The writing is on the wall and the timescale is short.

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Review taken from ‘Clean Slate: The practical journal of sustainable living’,

Issue No 64 Spring 2007, p29, produced by Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)

An Inconvenient truth is a personal film, honestly exploring climate change and its implications for
humanity and all life on earth. Visually breathtaking, Al Gore’s film shares his discoveries and
experiences in a way that helps you realise that our options, if we continue on our present course are
very limited.

Al Gore’s scientific and political background lends authority to his calm factual presentation. His
skills as an orator are considerable, and it’s hard not to disturbed by what he has to say. The alarming
visuals of melting polar ice-caps, rising global temperatures and the reluctance of world leaders to do
anything about the problem, force you to think about the way in which you live your life.

The film encourages and persuades individuals to take action and do something to reduce the
poisoning of the atmosphere and to recommend to others to do the same. The urgent overall message
of the film is, if we stop pollution today and re-evaluate our way of life now, then we have a chance to
avert world-wide catastrophic disasters. If we do nothing …

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